Frequently Asked Questions

How many weddings do you shoot a year?

- I typically shoot between 20-30 weddings a year.

Is there a travel expense?

- If your venue is within 50 miles one way from me (Cottage Grove) there will be no expense.  For anything outside of 50 miles I normally charge $100 per hour of travel.

Do you offer any discounts?

- I offer an offseason discount (Nov-Mar) of 5%.

How long till I get my trailer and full video?

- The trailer comes out on #trailertuesdays which is the Tuesday after your wedding.  The full video is normally ready about a month from the wedding date.

Can we choose our own trailer music?

- My choices of wedding music flavor on the upbeat and abstract side.  To me, there is something beyond unique about a wedding video meshing perfectly with indie music.  But YES, if you'd like to choose your own music you can do so on or  I have to license my music for copyright purposes so feel free to browse their large selections of great music.

Do you offer custom packages/hours?

- I do, if you'd only like the ceremony shot and only need me for 4 hours just let me know.  We will work together to come up with a custom pricing quote.